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Special Cosmetics Registration

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Cosmetics registration is an application obligation performed by cosmetics manufacturers or brand owners, and is essentially an approval process. Special cosmetics refer to cosmetics used for hair dyeing, perming, freckle whitening, sun protection, and hair loss prevention.


➣ Required documents:

 1.Application form for the administrative license to import ordinary cosmetics

 2.The Chinese and English name of the product and the naming basis of the name

 3.Product formula

 4.Product quality and safety control requirements

 5.Product's original packaging (including product label and manual); if you plan to design packaging specifically for Chinese market, you need to submit product design packaging (including product label and manual) at the same time

 6.Testing report and related materials issued by a licensed testing center recognized by NMPA

 7.The relevant safety assessment data of the substances that may have safety risks

 8.Proof that the product is produced and sold in the country of production or in origin country

 9.Proof that the overseas production enterprise conforms to the cosmetics production quality management system

 10.Brief description and sketches of the production process

 11.Other supportive materials


➣ Estimated Timeline:

 1)Project establishment stage

  i.Period of internal discussion, budget estimation, proposal and contract setup, about 1 month

  ii.Review product formula and packaging, about 1 month

 2)Sample product testing

  i.Special cosmetics: about 4 – 6 months

  ii.Ordinary cosmetics: about 2 months

 3)Application documents' preparation and submission

  i.Special cosmetics: about 4 – 6 months

  ii.Ordinary cosmetics: about 1 – 2 weeks

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